The Beginning

So, here we are.
It’s a frigid day in Mid-March on Long Island and, after chatting with the folks at GoDaddy (understanding about ten percent of the information they shared), it seems my domain is ‘mapped’ and we’re good to go. Writing this blog has been a mission of mine for more than a year. Technical glitches (read: there is no geek in my genes) have prevented me from doing so, and if you asked me a week ago about the blog’s progress, I would have told you I gave up and moved on. Today however, after bitching (loudly) about the auto-renewal setting and discovering I was charged for another blissful yet unproductive year of needleandthorn.com, I decided Divine intervention and/or karma and/or good omen and/or serendipity really, really, wanted me to forge ahead with the idea of building and sharing a blog.
So, again, here we are.
But why? And why ‘Needle and Thorn?’
As evidenced by my prickly little subtitle above, the daily challenges that befall me (and my loved ones) seem worth sharing. About a year ago, I encouraged my husband of nearly three decades (the ‘thorn’ part of Needle and Thorn), that we needed to find common ground (pun partially intended) to rekindle what might have been misplaced during our child-rearing years. We started out as young (appropriately~ green) parents and seemingly, we blinked and our two (spectacular) kids were out of diapers, out of braces, out of teen angst, and out of the house. The blissful state of empty-nesting was lost somewhere between the states of neglected home and neglected marriage. I considered calling the blog ‘Life Interrupted’ because in so many ways, that title applies to how we’ve (foolishly) lived for the past few decades. Instead however, we arrived at Needle and Thorn because the title speaks to my love of, and passion for the needle arts (quilting, sewing, wool-felt embroidery…) and my husband’s love of, and passion for all things green and growing. Together, our hope is to share snippets of our daily, sometimes prickly/thorny  struggles/celebrations/insights and to cultivate a stronger, more colorful foundation that will support us as we navigate the future together.
I don’t suppose I’m off to a great start, since I can’t figure out simple things like where to put my photos and how to add simple italics to a post. But this is real life, and neither we, nor this blog will be perfect. I’ll call upon my Amish friends here and remind you, dear readers, that they believe only God is perfect, and thus, much of their handiwork includes some small, intentional imperfection to serve as a reminder that we (collectively) are here by His design. And whether intentional or not, mistakes will happen (as evidenced by this blog, and our daily lives).
So this, our very first blog post, may be pedestrian at best. But, it’s a start, and it’s ours. Consider that we are planting a seed, or basting a row of stitches, to prepare ourselves for something bigger and stronger to come. We hope to share some of our creative endeavors with you and we encourage you to join/start a conversation (once I figure out how to manage the comments section, I’ll provide more info).
Until the next post, I (we) wish you early spring blooms and straight seams.
mishpaul car pic (3)

American Holly @ Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge






One thought on “The Beginning

  1. This is a test comment from me (Michelle).
    One of these days I’ll understand the technicalities behind blogging. For now, the page is up, my laptop hasn’t exploded, and there’s still some daylight left for sewing. Win. 🙂


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